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We are not limited to the Software. We can help improve the Processes of Organizations.
... For example, we have the expertise and tools to make Processes more efficient,
backed up by a solid Document Management, Business Intelligence and E-learning.
We rely on Consultants with extensive experience in many sectors and countries to help you.

Process Optimization – Services and Tools

proposed by AltogaGreen.in


Quality Certification by Lloyds since 1997 / ALTOGA Partner Network / PT PRIME Solutions Partner

Certifications for invoices and waybills required in some countries
Compliance with the Requirements of Public Administration in General


Services and Tools beyond traditional Management Modules


BPM & Workflows  /  Doc Management  /  Business Intelligence  /  E-learning  /  Specific Areas





Our Management Software, the dozens of Modules we provide, help to optimize the Processes of Organizations, their operation. However, we focus in here on the processes themselves, their definition, implementation, control and review.


We have the expertise, services and tools needed to optimize your Processes in terms of:


Definition of their Models and Workflows;

Execution of tasks of processes in accordance with previously defined Workflows;

Control of the status of process tasks and their performance;

Continuous Review and Improvement of Processes;

Support of Processes in a solid Document Management;

Support of Process Management in Business Intelligence Models and Tools;

Support to Interveners in the Processes with E-learning contents and facilities.


Processes and Workflows


Without approaching theoretical discussions, for what concerns us in terms of implementation of quick, economic and effective solutions, it should be noted that in our methodology, a Process comprises Workflows and Workflows have to do with similar Tasks in order to achieve certain goals.


Processes and Workflows are usually transversal to organizations and comprise multiple types of interveners playing different roles in different departments. On the other hand, a particular type of interveners usually perform Tasks in a particular department.


Based on this framework, we can intervene in an Organization to help it implement one or more Workflows, without having to define the Processes along their entire extent. As mentioned above, Workflows sum up to chain tasks in order to achieve a certain Goal. Being set and clear what that Goal is, it is possible to define the Workflow needed and implement it quickly and economically, thus adding immediately value to the organization without the need to deepen the Processes in all their aspects and interconnections.


We remind you that Workflows contribute in various ways to improve the functioning of Organizations. On its definition, the methodology used makes one rethink the Tasks that compose it and their chaining, who intervenes and what he does, and so on.


Once implemented, these schemes are simple and easy to understand by all those who perform activities related to workflows – they can advantageously replace the aid documentation that traditionally supports the performance of Tasks.


On a daily basis, they can support the accomplishment of the Tasks comprised in them, thus allowing the registration of the data of what is being done, who is doing it and when, and so on.

Finally, they allow the monitoring of what is happening at a given time in all workflows, the tasks underway, what has been done and is to be done, times and other information. Thus, Management can intervene in order to attend to any failure and gather information that is essential to the continuous improvement of Workflows and Processes


In many cases, our Interventions need not go beyond the implementation of critical workflows. This allows, particularly in specific areas where we have an extensive experience, the design and implementation of workflows according to the best practices, though in a short time, and provides, on a daily basis, the execution of such workflows by interveners at a very low cost and on the Cloud, that is, without having to install anything!


Note that workflows support either trivial activities that are transversal to all organizations or activities that are more specific


Examples of Workflows


For instance, with respect to transversal activities, placing an order, making a proposal, admitting an employee, processing an invoice from a supplier, a purchase of a good or a claim for compensation, a trip, dealing with fiscal year commitments. In general, things that have to be started by someone, authorized by others, performed by someone else and reviewed through some kind of quality control later on, according to given procedures and deadlines.


Regarding activities that are more specific, these depend on each business field. For instance, generating events of various types, licensing works, carrying an audit out, promoting an advertising campaign, publishing a book, making something on demand for a Customer, even arranging meetings of any size and formality. The idea is that, following the workflows, nothing comes to fail!


Sometimes, however, it is necessary to set the processes in detail having in mind the documentation based on Quality Management Systems. Our Consulting Services and Tools can also help you in these cases. We use tools compatible with the market standards, the BPMN notation, so the processes defined in our tools can be easily implemented in other ones that also meet these standards.


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Could it be that there are tasks that can be chained in an optimized way, implemented and monitored on a daily basis and always using the right path, procedures and deadlines? Moreover, would not that lead to gains for your organization and satisfaction for everyone?


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Document Management can have a very broad scope. Its implementation can begin only with the traditional Documents that enter and leave the Organization, along with some scanning of documents on paper, and this can be quickly extended to the Internal Documents that circulate among Organization Units / Departments and People, and also to the Administrative Acts relating thereto.

Finally, we can come to create a repository containing all the Documents of the Organization along with facilities to handle and process them.

The Digital / Scanned Documents can be attached to the records of many Applications, particularly to the tasks of the Workflows referred to above, thus allowing the access, processing and circulation of Documents in an electronic format ad therefore eliminating paper circulation.

It should also be noted that these facilities comply with major requirements of the QMS - Quality Management Systems, particularly those of the ISO 9000:2008 standards.






The Business Intelligence facilities can often be implemented to provide essential Management Indicators, i.e., the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).


Nowadays, however, the idea is to go even further and make Businesses smarter and smarter, i.e., backed up by increasingly detailed information and even information obtained in real-time (real-time analytics) to support decision-making, from strategic to operational level.


We can help you, in a quick and economical way, either in the simplest approach to the implementation of a set of indicators, or in a more complex and ambitious one in which investments are made, in addition to the indicators themselves, in the optimization of processes and particularly of the support to decision-making.






E-learning has already gained ground as a key means for the continuous education of the population in general.


Nevertheless, our focus is on the Professionals of the Organizations, from the least to the most specialized levels. The constant movement of People, admissions, dismissals, promotions, job relocations or simply new projects require ongoing and systematic training under pains of having a body of poorly informed professionals and without the necessary expertise on what they have to do.


It is true that the availability of good Workflows eases the integration of professionals in the performance of new tasks. However, it does not waive training with the necessary depth so they can fully understand and accomplish the new tasks they are given.

This is where we can help you with E-learning: by providing, from the start, at low costs and nothing to install, the facilities needed to create courses and manage them over the Web to whoever is accredited to do so. We can also provide, whenever necessary, experienced Consultancy to help you shape E-learning courses from texts on any area you provide us with, or even fully develop the contents in case these fall within the areas we master


We are talking about changes happening all the time and which can affect a single person only. Traditional training does not respond to this, and besides it much more expensive. Moreover, training via E-Learning can start with simple and short courses approaching common procedures, what to do, when, how, by whom, in certain situations and activities. So many operational errors, losses of time and undesired costs could be avoided if, in organizations, all their members were well trained to answer appropriately to their day-to-day situations and tasks!


  E-learning is the Solution!






Process optimization, implementation of Workflows, Document Management, Business Intelligence and E- learning: you can count on our experience and tools regardless of the Business area and Organization.


We are talking about an experience based on the Quality Certification by Lloyd’s since 1997.


Nevertheless, of course, there are areas in which we can, based on our extensive experience, provide solutions with less information needs and involvement on the customers’ part and based on the best market practices we know well.


Examples of such areas and transversal-wise are Performance Evaluation and Training, Inventory / Stock Management, Fixed Assets, Vehicles, Equipment and Cargoes, Invoicing and Treasury including Accounts Payable / Receivable, Helpdesk and Web-based Services in General, Office and Document Management and Administrative Acts, Time Sheets, Events and Tasks, Management of Titles and Libraries. Regarding specific Sectorial areas, we highlight our experience in Services in general and in Public Administration, Logistics / Ports and Warehouses, some types of Manufacturing, Retailing and Distribution, Projects and Works, Associations, Partners and Users, and also Schools.


Therefore and because we count on an operation consolidated by many years on the Cloud (Cloud Computing) we can provide implementations of Workflows and put them in production in a quick and very economical way.    


  The same applies to Document Management, Business Intelligence and E- learning. We offer quick Solutions, whose implementations take a few weeks only and are very affordable, with Subscriptions of Services starting from 49 EUR, 66 USD or 138 BRL per Month. However, of course, we can also help you with Projects that are larger and more complex.


Talk to us about your case!


With the Processes Optimization, Document Management, Business Intelligence and E- learning, as well as with our Consultancy in specific areas and quick and economic approach referred to above, you can get benefits for your Organization and ensure the satisfaction for everyone.

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