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What do Clients get for AltogaGreen.in
being in the Cloud?

  No need to install anything!

 Software always Up-to-date

 Access from anywhere

 More Security

 Better Backups

 Fewer Costs



  You do no need to install anything in order to have immediate access to our Management Software and you no longer need to worry about Servers, Databases, Backups, Installation and Maintenance of your Management Software.


It is in here, in the "You do not need to install anything", that our advantages and lower costs begin.


Yes, because "You do not need to install anything", in order to compare our costs with the ones of solutions outside the Cloud, it is not enough just to compare the price of our Subscription to those of traditional licenses.

You need to add the costs of those licenses to all costs that arise from the installation, management and maintenance of the hardware and software required.


And as well as the costs of all troubles derived from such hardware and software and from the lack of mobility needed to access your information anywhere, anytime.



 Software Always up-to-date: Customers will always have their Management Software updated to the latest version, i.e., they can rely on more and better facilities and fewer problems. And without having to do anything or being interrupted in your tasks.



 Access from anywhere: the information is in secure servers in the Web and can be accessed by any authorized party, anytime, anywhere.


And what about your installation? Is your network having problems?


All it takes is a Mobile Internet device and you can continue working anywhere!



 More Security: the access to information is done through logins and safe passwords and also through the secure protocol https  and you can restrict the IPs from which each login can be connected to.


Want some of your employees to be granted access, for instance, only from your facilities?


No problem. The logins can be parameterized so they can have access to our Applications only from the IP addresses of those facilities.



 Better backups  

We offer what is not within the reach of most Organizations that keep their data in their own facilities.

We offer backups and alternative replicas in at least 3 installations located in 2 countries. And, as Customers please, they can still subscribe and get a regular copy of their data for their own facilities.



 Fewer Costs: as mentioned earlier, you can save, from the very start, both human and material resources needed for traditional Applications to work properly.


Moreover, there is a whole support that makes it more economic and efficient, as it is based on the Cloud, including our Helpdesk / Web-Based Support and also our Consultancy on the Cloud.



 In short, More Satisfaction, Mobility, Security and Fewer Costs!



 Yes, fewer costs because the Subscription of the Altoga Software also frees our Customers from the initial purchase of licenses – this is Software as a Service –  so you pay only for what you use and only while you use it!



 Yes, the costs are much lower as the modular design, ease of use, intelligence and automation of the solutions, Consultancy and Training in the Altoga Cloud make everything cheaper without loss of quality, on the contrary.



 Yes, contact AltogaGreen.in, request a proposal and enjoy the benefits of being in the Cloud!





AltogaGreen.in provides Management Software on the Cloud


 AltogaGreen participates in the Project ALTOGA® with the mission to look for, develop and market Ecologically Sustainable Solutions.


In India, with AltogaGreen.in, it also provides Management Software. But it is Management Software on the Web, Cloud Computing, Software as a Service / SaaS, available through a Network of Partners - the Altoga Network.



 It is a full range Management Software. It particularly includes:

  • Support to Office and Document Management;
  • Equipment, Vehicles;
  • Works Management;
  • Helpdesk / Web Services;
  • Logistics;
  • Quality Management;
  • Public Administration
  • Business Intelligence;
  • Ports
  • Human Resources Management;
  • Auto Centers
  • Financial Management;
  • Associations, Associates and Users
  • Management of Products, Stocks;
  • Schools.


 It is a Modular and Robust Solution for Management Software, 100% Web, having immediate implementation, low costs and quick results.





Cloud Computing / Computing in the Cloud is our proposal.

 Our Solutions include also Consulting Services in Management and Outsourcing of Functions. For instance, the Human Resources Software may be provided with the Outsourcing of Payroll Processing in some countries.


 Altoga Software and AltogaGreen gathered all his experience in this new platform, which, together with new technologies, resulting in quality service, Cloud but reliable, easy to use modules, independent but integrable in a single ERP if necessary.



 If you want to take advantage of our Solutions, of our Management Software, just contact us and take your Organization to the Cloud right now, and relax!




 Project ALTOGA


Areas and Modules of Management Software proposed by AltogaGreen.in

Communication & General Support

In most cases, the potential gains that can be obtained in organizations from the software nowadays no longer pass through Traditional ERPs / Management Software.

The pursuit of Efficiency, Quality and Excellence, as well as the Effectiveness in terms of Competitiveness has brought to the foreground new issues.

For example, issues of Communication and Document Management, Transmission and Encapsulation of the know-how, Innovation, Quality Management (QMS), Business Intelligence and other issues not covered by Traditional ERPs / Management Software.

This area, which we call Communication and General Support, is where many of the most innovative ALTOGA Modules are included and whose contribution to the performance of organizations is critical.


The highlights among the Modules we provide in this area are:



 • M140 – Institutions and People

  M145 – Business Relationships / CRM

  M280Management of Proposals and Contracts

  M340Time Sheets Management

  M350Helpdesk / Web Support Service

  M500 – Notes, Subjects and Tasks

  M505Base of Document Management

  M510 Office & Document Management

  M520Library / Titles Management

  M530Quality Management

  M535Evaluation of/by Third Parties

  M540 – Questionnaires and Surveys

  M550Balanced Scorecard

  M560Customized Dashboards


Human Resources Management

Human Capital is a critical asset of organizations, whose management has become increasingly demanding and complex.


This has recently turned into one of the areas that has most evolved in terms of application needs within the traditional support areas of organizations,


- whether with regard to its Administrative Management,

- or its Technical Management.


The Administrative Management must ensure the obligations with Employees and the State, particularly to comply with the Law.


The Technical Management must ensure the Organization of Work and the Development of Human Capital, particularly Competencies.


Our Modules are arranged into these 2 major areas, highlighting:



Administrative Management:


  M410Payroll System

  M420 Record of Human Resources

  M421Time, Accesses and Schedules

  M422Monthly Inputs

  M423Travels / Allowances

  M424Reimbursement of Expenses

  M429Payroll Processing


  S409Processing Services


Technical Management:


  M430Jobs / Functions

  M440 Recruitment

  M450Performance Evaluation

  M460Training Management

  M470Occupational Medicine

  M480 – HR Dashboards

  M490HR Employee Portal

  M491 – HR Management Portal



Financial Area Management

It is true that, in the long term, People and Knowledge are resources whose management may become more critical.


However, the management of the Financial Resources and their legal, fiscal and others obligations may jeopardize the survival of Organizations.


A matter of life or death, therefore.


Then it is essential to choose a good Management Software for this area.


The Software must be agile in real time, showing what is happening at all times and look forward, anticipating problems, threats and opportunities that may arise.


The simple yet effective way how this is achieved with the Altoga Solutions is what distinguishes us most.


The highlights among the Modules we offer in this area are:



  M200 – Management Accounting

  M210Business and Tax Documents

  M160 – Electronic and Certified Invoices / NFEs

  M230 – Budgeting Control

  M235Public Budgeting Control

  M240Treasury Management

  M245 - Checking Accounts and Collections

  M270 - Fixed Assets Management



Operational Area Management

The support of Management Software to the Operational Area of Organizations are very diverse and often requires specific technologies.


They have to be up to the Business / Sector in which the Organization operates.


The highlights among the Modules in this Area are Purchases, Consumption and Sales.


Also, the Modules Logistics and Projects / Works are essential to many Companies.


The Management of Vehicles, Equipment, Real Estates and the Technical Management of Fixed Assets usually meet the needs of Organizations that have this type of assets.  
These Modules are relatively autonomous but share data and relate similarly to the ones of the Finance Area.


For example, in terms of the intelligence of Modules automatic accounting reflexes. So it is advisable to implement them in an integrated manner.


Also crucial is the use of new technologies.


Thus our Modules implement the treatment of data through optical means (Bar Codes) or RFID, the use of Mobile Devices / PDAs / Tablets / Mobile Phones and even GPS tracking integrated with Google Maps.


The Modules in this Area, considering their more immediate affinities, are arranged in 3 major groups:



  M155Consumption / Stocks Management

  M150 - Purchases Management

  M160 - Sales / Billing Management



  M310 - Projects / Works Management


  M320 –Vehicles / Fleet Management

  M330 - Equipment Management

  M360 - Real Estates Management

  M270 - Technical Management of Fixed Assets in general



Sectorial Management Software

Our Management Software is very flexible and configurable and is therefore transversal and work in the most diverse organizations, sectors and countries.


However, we have developed specific sectorial solutions over time, including:



  Public Administration

  Auto Centers

  Logistics / Ports and Warehouses

  Associations, Associates and Users




These are sectors where the alliance between the specific know-how enclosed in our software and the extensive experience of our consultants in such key sectors can add much value to our Customers.


Business Intelligence, Management Dashboards and Balanced Scorecard

Our Management Software includes tools for Business Analysis, Decision Support and Management in general.


Includes the necessary facilities to the methodologies and procedures of Business Intelligence, Management Dashboards and Balanced Scorecard.


We have Web Servers for that specific purpose.


These Servers can be used not only by customers of our Software Management but also by those who have other ERPs.


Suffices to upload your data onto our servers and obtain thereby the dashboards you need for your business.


Of course if the data is from our modules, Dashboards can be obtained in a fully integrated way, since the constellation of Cloud Servers we have communicates directly with our Business Intelligence Servers.


Hybrid solutions of Dashboards with data from our Modules and from other applications are also possible.



AltogaGreen.in is always ready to support you!

Performance Evaluation

One of the Keys for the Development of Human Capital

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Training Management

Training Management

Human Capital Development, Compliance with Legal Obligations of Companies

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